Our country is undergoing a dynamic process in which many reforms are made continuously within the field of social security as in the case of many other fields. Abolition of separate organizations such as Bağ-Kur (Social Security Organization for Artisans and the Self-Employed), SSK (Social Insurance Authority) and State Retirement Fund and foundation of the Social Security Institution, and reorganization of the legislation under the same law have made transactions even more complex.

Consulting services we provide in field of labor and social security are outlined as follows:

  • Notifying opinions in written or oral forms as requested with regards to labor and social security issues as soon as possible in written form,
  • Reviewing and contributing about the texts and agreements prepared by companies in terms of Labor law and Social Security implications,
  • Notifying opinions about written or oral consulting service as requested by Companies as soon as possible in written or oral form,
  • Consultancy with respect to compliance of practices such as abolition, notice, seniority, and annual leave
  • Consulting in organization of processes to fulfill legal liabilities to arise in inspections and auditings by Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security and Social Security Institution,
  • Providing technical assistance with respect to employee-employer disputes in inspections by Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security and Social Security Institution and inform employer about the issues required to be considered in accordance with the labor regulation in written and oral form.