Internal auditing unit was created with the aim of improving operations of entities and so creating value added. Internal auditing is an independent and objective consulting and auditing activity and aims to bring a systematic approach to evaluate existing risk management, control and corporate management functions of entities and so improve their effectiveness.

Internal auditing and corporate management had been considered as a cost element for companies in the past, but it was noticed that they start providing value for companies once these concepts became more important and protection of company interests was adopted as a priority. Our consultancy supports firms in performing internal auditing services, establishing an internal audit unit if required or improve the performance of this unit if already existing by means of solutions offered according to the specific needs of firms.

On the other hand, number of misconduct cases has also increased because global sense communication is included in commercial life. Even though internal auditing is effective against misconduct and frauds, it would not completely prevent frauds in entities. For that reason, struggle with fraud requires a specific expertise and experience. Our consultancy provides services for firms with respect to fraud not only by means of auditing works but also with the system and process improvement works orienting to prevent any possible fraud practices in this field.