Centrum Auditing Sworn-In Financial Advisory & Consulting Inc.

As Centrum Auditing, we provide services for international and domestic companies within the fields of tax, independent auditing, corporate financing, internal auditing, corporate risk, labor and social security regulations.

Centrum Auditing has a staff consisting of experts who served as a tax inspector and top level tax officials for more than 15 years in Turkish Ministry of Finance and private companies including a leading Turkish conglomerate with over 50 billion dollars of gross turnover and over 190 companies.

We have more than 40 technical experts in two offices (Istanbul and Ankara), each working with the most prominent firms from various spectrum of industries and origins.

Our consultancy deals with firms as their strategic solution partner and adopts as its mission offering services that fit specific needs of individual firms by adhering to professional principles of ethics with its corporate structure.

Having adopted the principle of offering services in international standards, our company takes the core mission of improving the standards of auditing profession with a flexible and superior service mentality adapted for specific needs of customers.

Our partners, each is an expert in their field, deal with customers as our most valuable asset one-to-one and share their personal knowledge and experience with customers with a sense of work without the limitation of time.